Wrapping the gift of love

Recently I researched how many songs about love have been written in the history of man.  I couldn’t find an answer, but I would think every culture throughout history has written more songs about love than any other subject. Love is important to everyone.  Maybe because we don’t see it enough or know how to show it to others.

Love is one of the most important fruits in my life that I can show to others and yet, also the most difficult to produce. Why?…because love means dying to myself and my own desires. Ouch!  Love is what motivated God to send his son Jesus to earth for the sole purpose to die – for us.  Love for people who couldn’t care less if there was a God who loved them.

Love gives to others even, and especially when, they don’t care about the gift.  How many of us would turn down a Christmas gift even if it was a simple homemade card?  How rude and unthinkable.  Yet, people still turn down the greatest Christmas present of all – Jesus.  It is love that continues to motivate God in seeking after people who will come to Him.  He is “not willing for anyone to perish” (2 Peter 3:9).

There is no way I can produce the fruit of love without clinging to the vine and asking Jesus to produce it through me.  Romans 5:5 reminds me – “…God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us”.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit working in our lives as believers is love. Is there someone I am having a hard time loving this Christmas?  Someone who needs God’s love? I can ask Jesus to give me His love for that person.  Then act by giving that love.  Writing a card, sharing a gift, giving financially, taking time to listen and maybe just forgive someone who needs forgiveness.  Isn’t that why God’s love sent Jesus?  To forgive us when we didn’t even ask for it.  Wow!  What love!

I’m asking Jesus to pour his love in my heart for others who are hard to love. Is there someone who needs your love – God’s love – this Christmas?