For over 40 years, I have been on the greatest adventure and challenge of a life time.  That adventure began when I turned my life over to Jesus Christ.  Not only did He forgive me but changed my heart and desires to follow him.  After graduating from the University of Alabama, I decided to follow Him and share this good news with others who were in such desperate need of knowing Jesus’ love and forgiveness through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, now called CRU.

During the past 30 years with CRU, I have lived in Texas, China, California, Illinois, Virginia, Taiwan and now, North Carolina. Alabama. I have had the privilege of living in many places, learning from and teaching international students and growing in my understanding of the worldwide body of believers in Jesus. I met my wonderful husband, Lowe, on my way to China and we served in Asia for five and a half years.

I look back now at what I have learned as a believer and all that I still need to learn.  While in Texas, I memorized John 15. Since then, I enjoy sharing about the joy of having Jesus produce the fruit of his Spirit in our lives.  I once believed I needed to work hard to produce outward qualities of the Christian life – the external picture to others that Jesus is alive in my life.  But what freedom in knowing Jesus will produce the fruit in my life.  It will be as natural as fruit hanging from a vine or a branch soaking in the nutrients from that vine daily.  My desire is to share what I am continually learning about the Fresh Fruit Jesus produces in the life of a believer and how it actually impacts the world around us.

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